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Intelligent light switch for home

The Eve Light Switch is an intelligent light switch that makes your life easier. With it, you can conveniently control your lighting via app or voice control and save energy. In addition, it is easy to install and fits into any home.

Comfortable light control for home.

The Eve Light Switch can be used in any room or living area where you have a light source that you want to control conveniently with a switch. Whether in the living room, bedroom or hallway - with the Eve Light Switch, you can easily and quickly turn your light on and off or dim it. This improves your everyday life, as you no longer have to search for the light switch and your home becomes even more comfortable.

Bluetooth-enabled light switch

The Eve Light Switch is operated via a power supply of 100-240V AC and can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. It has a connection for a neutral wire and is designed for a maximum load of 1000W.

Smart light switch setup

To set up the Eve Light Switch, simply install it in the location where you want it. Then you need to connect it with the Eve app and you can control it with your smartphone. It's really that easy!

Smart light switch system supports voice control

The Eve Light Switch supports various smart home systems such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. With these systems, you can easily control the lights in your home via voice command or app.

Control smart lighting easily.

To control your lights, you simply need to operate the switch on the wall. You can also use the Eve app on your smartphone to turn the light on and off or adjust the brightness. If you use Siri, you can also control the light by voice command.

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